Let there be water

In May, Israel celebrated its 69th year of independence. In addition to all the security, diplomatic, social and economic challenges it has faced -- and still faces -- Israel must also deal with crucial environmental issues that impact on every aspect of life in its region, with water at the top of the list. Israel has not only dealt successfully with its own water problems; it has become a water “superpower” -- a leading resource for helping to solve, and even prevent, the global water crisis. How? Continue reading >>



Earth Day

We can do a lot to safeguard our quality of life

Various kinds of particulate matter produced by human activities are the largest contributor to urban air pollution. The effects of inhaling them include asthma, lung cancer; cardiovascular diseases, birth defects and premature death. Urban outdoor air pollution causes an estimated 1.3 million deaths annually, worldwide. Earth Day provided an excellent opportunity to talk about this problem and discuss new monitoring methods for urban and industrial areas.   Continue reading >> 



Robert Price

A year without him

One year after his passing, we acknowledge and remember Robert Price (of blessed memory), an honorable, generous and dear friend who left behind a remarkable legacy Continue reading >> 

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