Making virtue of necessity in the aftermath of the fires


During the last week of November, Israel was hit by an unprecedented wave of wildfires. Entire streets were blocked, numerous houses went up in flames, thousands of people were evacuated, many were injured and left homeless and numerous natural areas were ravaged.
While the reasons for the current wave of fires are still under investigation, an analysis of data from previous wildfires shows that most result from human carelessness and neglect -- and are especially destructive when they occur during times of extreme weather, the huge Mt. Carmel fire of 2010 being a prime and tragic example.
At the Council for a Beautiful Israel, we believe that value-based education, stressing personal responsibility, is the best way to prevent fires and other man-made disasters.

The Paris -- Tel Aviv – Marrakech Connection

This year’s climate conference in Marrakech, Morocco (COP22) strived to take last year’s historic Paris accords a step forward.


In parallel, the “Israeli Climate Convention” in Tel Aviv provided a platform for open, public discussion on how Israel deals with climate change. The conference’s Innovation Forum, moderated by a representative of CBI, presented a range of innovative Israeli initiatives, demonstrating how environmental challenges open a wonderful window of opportunity to leverage Israel's capabilities in development and invention.




Pure Beauty

Where are Israel's most beautiful mikvot ? For the last four years, Beautiful Israel volunteers have also been rating public mikvot throughout the country with the goal of improving their level of service and creating a more comfortable environment for users as well as the community in general.


Increasing women’s awareness of proper mikve maintenance and service helps them properly observe the purification ritual.


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