Shade and the Big City


Israel’s climate challenges us with very short winters and long, sunny, very hot summers, and the vast majority of its people live in cities built of concrete and mortar, walking mostly along streets exposed to strong solar, yearning for a patch of shade. Trees are the finest source of shade, along with other attributes that benefit our quality of life. How does Israel’s situation compare to the rest of the world -- and how can we improve it?  Continue reading >>



Clean as a Whistle...Naturally


Passover is almost here, along with the annual spring cleaning frenzy and a plethora of cleansers. Chemical cleansers can harm us, those around us and the environment. Here are ten tips for using natural substances that will help you get rid of toxic cleansers, once and for all, reducing the ongoing pollution of the environment and preventing the health risks that stem from exposure to toxins

  Continue reading >> 



Environmental Equality in a Multicultural Society


Education is a challenge. In a complex, multifaceted environment like Israeli society, it’s even more challenging. How do we reach every sector of society with knowledge and content tailored to maximize their understanding and assimilation? You’ll find some answers in this report.  Continue reading >> 

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