Environmental Studies Can Narrow Socioeconomic Gaps


In Israel, with large gaps between strong and weak communities and between secular Jewish Israelis and the ultra   orthodox and Arab populations – addressing environmental challenges can help create an “even playing field”, with equal opportunities for all segments of society.




Two Jews, three opinions, one people

The old saying goes, “For every two Jews there are three opinions".

One of the characteristics of the People of Israel has always been its variety of outlooks, sometimes leading to disputes and divisions.

It is precisely this variety that sparked a wonderful initiative among the Jewish community of Geneva, Switzerland. For one day each year this diverse group of people comes together to recognize, discuss, study and learn from one another about subjects concerning the Jewish world.

The Swiss Friends of the Council for a Beautiful Israel was there.




The Young and restless

They are young, talented, highly motivated and passionate about communicating their love of nature and the environment to the next generation. Meet the energetic and experienced counsellors of the Center for Environmental Studies, who give heart and soul to their work, bringing innovative study programs to every corner of Israel.


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