Fake Plastic Trees Created by Real Human Heroes

"Her green plastic watering can

For her fake Chinese rubber plant

In the fake plastic earth

That she bought from a rubber man

In a town full of rubber plans

To get rid of itself

It wears her out……"

 Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead 

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Upgrading the Coast or Spawning Disaster?


It’s mid-summer in Israel and people are crowding every inch of beach in search of refuge from the burning heat, hoping to find some quiet nature to enjoy. But, Israel’s coastlines are threatened by constant private development by real-estate entrepreneurs mindful  of their tremendous value. The struggle over every grain of golden sand has never been so fateful.   Continue reading >> 



Don’t Waste a Drop!

Israel’s world-leading technologies include impressive achievements in the field of water. But, technology and desalination aren’t enough to offset the impact of rising temperatures and rapid growth. Education for economizing and optimizing water use is the most efficient way to safeguard this existential resource.

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