Tomorrow’s Environmental Researchers

Writing term papers is one of the most daunting prospects for university students, requiring a deep understanding of every aspect of research – from posing initial research questions to reaching, summarizing and defending conclusions. Students in their 20s may find this unnerving, but 5th and 6th graders in Israel’s central Dan region have no problem jumping into the deep water – and taking part in a unique environmental quality project that helps develop their research and writing skills  Continue reading >>



Hot Summer at the CBI Center

Summer’s here, with longer days and the aroma of vacation in the air. But it’s easier than ever to decide where to take the kids: The Council for a Beautiful Israel offers a rich variety of experiences in Tel Aviv’s urban natural environment. At CBI, this summer is really hot!    Continue reading >> 



? How does photosynthesis affect or cultural wealth

The cultural life of the inhabitants of Israel is strongly influenced by its nature and open areas. Visitors to Israel’s ecosystem are attracted to its water courses, seashores, forests and other natural sites, especially those located conveniently near urban centers; riding bikes through them is a popular activity, while walking and running through them are popular in urban ecological environments. All these strengthen the sense of connection between past as well as the feeling of belonging. These are just a few of the findings in the recently published initial report of a project that evaluates the connection between Israel’s ecosystems and human wellbeing. Continue reading >> 

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