Water and Industry: A Delicate Relationship


Water plays and important role in industry. But, water that enters a factory and takes part in production processes doesn’t come out clean on the other side. Various materials mix with and dissolve in it, contaminate and, flow out as industrial waste – with tremendous potential for polluting. This is more than a technical issue; it’s a matter of national concern that affects the entire public, particularly in a country like Israel where water is a costly resource. How can we help factories to reduce the level of pollutants in their effluents?     Continue reading >>



Good Looking and Good for You

In winter, we spend most of our time indoors. While being inside may seem cleaner than being outside, because it’s enclosed and protected, it actually exposes us to toxic substances without even knowing it. Electronic devices, fabrics, furniture from synthetic materials and chemical cleaning agents release toxins into the air that disrupt the proper functioning of our bodies. But it’s easy to neutralize them while also improving the appearance of our homes and offices.    Continue reading >> 



“Mommy, do tomatoes grow in the supermarket?”

How do we teach a generation that’s used to everything coming from the supermarket or ordered over the internet about the real source of the food they eat? How do we connect urban kids to raising and using plants? How do we expose youngsters used to everything coming colorfully packaged to the environmental impact of those packages? With stories and games, of course! A new study program for kindergartens in the city of Holon, developed by the Council for a Beautiful Israel and taught by its counsellors, shows children how to grow their own spices and use them, and encourages them to create their own games from familiar product packages instead of throwing them in the trash.    Continue reading >> 

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