Why Ultravolt?
  • Broad Product Range
- DC to High-Voltage DC Conversion: 62 to 60kV
- Power Levels: Fractional to 250 Watts
- PCB, Chassis Mount, Lab Configurations
  • Off-the-Shelf Configurability
- Thousands of Variants
- Custom and Derivatives Available
  • Quick Delivery (short lead time)
- Standard Products: Typically 5 weeks ARO
- Custom Derivatives: Slightly Longer
  • Very Low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)
- Standard Products: MOQ=1
- Micro-Size Products: MOQ=3
- Derivatives Products: MOQ=26
  • No NRE
  • Proven Design and Supply-chain Partner
  • Global backing of Advanced Energy (AE): Financial Strength, Service and Support
Ultravolt Product Line
  • DC to High-Voltage DC Converters
  • Input: 3.3, 5, 12 or 24 VDC
  • Micro-size, Compact & Full-size Footprints
  • Analog Control / Monitoring of I and V
  • Factory-configurable Options
- Housing, Mounts, Heat Sinks, Connectors
- Performance enhancements
- Line of Lab Power Supplies (Limited)
  • Complementary AC products in Advanced Energy HiTek 
Ultravolt standard products - Thousands of configurations: Most available in 5 to 6 weeks

UltraVolt Products table



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