?What has Judaism brought to the world


CBI was privileged to be one of the few Israeli organizations to host a talk during Kesher Day -- the focal encounter of Switzerland’s Jewish community – and to highlight Israel’s global environmental aid as part of conference’s broader theme as part of the conference’s broader theme of Judaism contribution to the world.   Continue reading >> 



Don't forsake me...

Modern life celebrates youth, but increasing life expectancy has resulted in more and more people reaching advanced ages without the resources to support themselves. Dedicated to promoting quality of life on all levels of society, The Council for a Beautiful Israel adopted several solitary senior citizens and brought some light and color into their homes.

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From Black Friday sales to post-Christmas deals: let's shop different!

The Holiday season is upon us and we’re tempted by endless bargains - from Black Friday sales to post-Christmas mega-deals. Amid this massive shopping spree, we wonder: how can we do less harm to our surroundings while boosting the economy? Welcome to ethical shopping. What is it, why should we do it – and how?  Continue reading >> 

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