Who Owns the Public Space?

Great question. It depends on whom you ask. When we’re behind the wheel of our cars, we want to reach our destination as quickly as possible and park as close to it as we can. But, when we’re on foot, we suddenly discover the importance of street networking, how much shade and serenity trees provide, and how frightening and threatening it can be to walk among busy roads and skyscrapers. Maintaining an optimal balance between the needs of pedestrians and motorists is central to creating safe, lively and inviting public spaces that enable sustainable urban life. With the urban space increasingly taken over by motor vehicles, turning back the clock seems almost impossible. But, that won’t prevent the mayor of Paris from giving back her city to people on foot.  Continue reading >> 



Surrounding for a Life of Quality


Summer is often called “Cucumber Season” – a time when nothing important happens. But, some 2000 volunteers of the Council for a Beautiful Israel are working intensively this summer on evaluating the organizations and institutions participating in our 8 national competitions, while continuing to work in other ways for the betterment of communities. Here’s what they’ve managed to achieve in recent months. Continue reading >> 



Setting a Green Example


It’s economical, high in quality and good for our health: “green” construction safeguards the environment, improves our quality of life – and even saves money. The 25-year-old Beautiful Israel Center recently underwent a “green” retrofit. In addition to sprucing up the building’s appearance, we helped reduce its resource usage and its impact on the environment. This month, we visited the city of Um El Fahm to tell the story of the renovation to local engineers and urban planners taking a course to prepare them to implement green construction.  Continue reading >> 

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