Most of the Palestinians killed on Friday identified as  TERRORISTS


Findings prove that at least 10 of the Palestinians killed during the riots on Friday, 30th of March, on the Gaza-Israel border are known terrorists . These are their names and details:

  1. Masab Salul - a 23-years-old resident of Zuwayda, member of the military wing of Hamas. Salul carried out a shooting attack in the Northern Gaza Strip.
  2. Sari Abu 'Odeh - 28-years-old, resident of Beit Hanun, Hamas military activist in the Beit Hanoun Battalion, active in Nohba.
  3. Jihad Farina - 35-years-old, resident of Sheikh Radwan, commander of a company in the military wing of Hamas.
  4. Ahmad 'Odeh - 19-years-old, resident of Gaza City, Hamas military activist in Shati Brigade.
  5. Hamdan Abu 'Amseh - 25-years-old, resident of Beit Hanoun, a Hamas operative
  6. Mahmoud Rahmi - 33-years-old, a resident of Saja'iya Turkman, a Hamas activist.
  7. Muhammad Abu 'Amru - 27-years-old, a resident of Saja'iya Turkman, a Hamas military operative in excavating terror tunnels.
  8. A'Fatah 'Naibi - 20-years-old, resident of Beit Lahiya, active in the military wing of Hamas.
  9. Ibrahim Abu Sha'er - 29-years-old, a resident of Rafah, a global Jihad activist.
  10. Jihad Zuhair Salman Abu Gammus - 30-years-old, resident of Bani Suheila, an activist of the terror group Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigades.
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